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My Kick-ass #followfriday and Adirondack Twitter Post

July 31st, 2009 · 9 Comments · Miscellania

Today is Friday. All you Twitter folks know what that means, #followfriday.  This post is LIVE DONE and a work-in-progress.

Follow me on Twitter Before I get started, I want to do something a bit crazy – Introduce myself.  I’m Doug Yu aka @tourpro. I’ve been whipping around the net using that handle for quite some time now, but have resisted revealing myself. Now that I’ve been using Twitter, I realize that it’s not fair for my new friends to not know the real me. Currently, I work for Adirondack Tourism and I also manage an I Love NY Welcome Center. Rather than try to explain too much, I’ll let hashtags do the talking. Here are some that I would use to describe myself:

#adirondacks, #marketing, #biking, #procycling, #travel, #plattsburgh, #lakechamplain, #salsacycles, #fatchance, #blogger, #socialmedia, #dad, #recreation, #hike, #ski, #tcot, #conservation, #newsjunkie, #paddle, #camp, #wordpress,

If you find someone here you like, please do feel free to copy/paste, edit, and recommend. I hope I can be comprehensive and I do apologize to anyone who I’ve overlooked. Maybe I got you last time?

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Twitter Reciprocity and #followfriday

May 1st, 2009 · 3 Comments · Adirondack Life

Today is Friday.  All you Twitter folks know what that means, #followfriday is the fashionable meme of the day. This post is LIVE DONE.

Follow me on TwitterDon’t get me wrong, I super-appreciate every recommendation I get, but I haven’t felt like playing along with the Friday-thing.  Why?  There’s no meta to go with the recommendation.  For me, it’s all about the Semantic Web.  The data is there, what information can we assign to it?  Same with users.  I wish the ability to tag Twitter users was something I could do, instead of relying on self-tags.

Enough with the Twitter navel-gazing, I’ll save that for another time.  Today is about you, my Twitter-people.

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Doing the 46, During the 46-46-46

April 22nd, 2009 · 3 Comments · Destination Marketing

So I get this Tweet today:

Elevate Your Rate w/the 46 Adirondacks High Peaks: Starting 2day we’ will match R rates 2 the elevations for 46 Days

I’m thinking that someone could theoretically climb the 46 relevant daily peaks during this special. Not only that, you could easily also add 46 Pints and 46 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

So really, it should be “Doing the 46-46-46, During the 46-46-46.

The 46er Peak List

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