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Love, Logos, and Lawsuits

November 19th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Miscellania

I can't afford to Love NYI love America.

Hope I’m not the only one to appreciate the irony and marketing genius here.

Only $14.99, and Amy is right, ya better move fast if you want one (too).

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Another reason I Love New York….the Logos!

November 14th, 2008 · No Comments · Destination Marketing

Well, it only took 6 months for someone to figure that we might not be getting the greatest deal.  It took a reveal at WTM for someone to notice.  The headlines are not entirely accurate – the whole campaign, not just the logo was $17 million – but still.

New York’s new logo and why squirrels don’t work for me

I’m sure many Britons are guilty of thinking of New York as no more than a city, but will the squirrel really do the job? How about a picture of a national park in autumn, with the strap line “Welcome to NY”, or just the strap line, “Did you know NY has 45 ski resorts”?

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Run From New York

September 17th, 2008 · No Comments · Destination Marketing

So, the gurus all met and I got to introduce speakers from Orbitz, Travelocity, and Google.  Those three businesses also $ponsored the event.  Guess I’m not super surprised to see the Fall “Tactical” Campaign featuring partnership with all three.  Some of the less cynical or those with “expertise” are satisfied by just reading the fancy terminology – “microsite”, “blog” (it’s like cool and hip, you know), “co-branded”, “interactive”, “email blast” – but not me.

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