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Another reason I Love New York….the Logos!

November 14th, 2008 · No Comments · Destination Marketing

Well, it only took 6 months for someone to figure that we might not be getting the greatest deal.  It took a reveal at WTM for someone to notice.  The headlines are not entirely accurate – the whole campaign, not just the logo was $17 million – but still.

New York’s new logo and why squirrels don’t work for me

I’m sure many Britons are guilty of thinking of New York as no more than a city, but will the squirrel really do the job? How about a picture of a national park in autumn, with the strap line “Welcome to NY”, or just the strap line, “Did you know NY has 45 ski resorts”?

NY Spends $17 Million on Saatchi ‘Clip Art’ Logo

The move came after the agency was asked to redesign the New York famous “I Love NY” logo, which adorns millions of T-shirts and shopping bags. But the new logo is virtually unchanged from the old one — save for the addition of a silhouette of a small squirrel and a butterfly, which are meant to suggest that New York has a countryside as well as a city.

I don’t know Jim Edwards and I’ve never read BNET, but I kind of have the same feeling.  Don’t blame it on me, when these logos were first presented, I made it a point to mention that the squirrel was a bit …. squirrelly.  There were at least two other folks who also stated that they had no love for the fluffy-tailed rat.

Of course, Tribble and George join in on the fun.

Saatchi & Saatchi rips off New York City for 17 million dollars with “New Squirrel Logo”

It’s an outrage to say the least, and it’s your tax dollars at work. Honestly look at the logos below, and tell us if you feel the 17 million dollars was well spent? Next time hire a high school kid for 10 bucks an hour, and give him The Gimp or even Microsoft Paint… he or she will get the job done.

Saatchi & Saatchi f***’s New York!

I could understand if Charlie and Morris were still running the place. I mean $17 million doesn’t go far when you’re buying the latest Damian Hirst dead shark in formaldehyde scam, and you have to get a brand new “Roller” cos the ashtrays are full on the ten you already own… But New York… Shame on you!

George is a bit moldy (drunk, pissed, blasted, hammered, etc.) and apparently can’t make out the difference between the Division of Tourism, I Love NY, and “the city”, but you get what he means.


Ad Agency’s Epic Fail at “Revitalizing” I ? NY Logo

I ? Squirrel

Introducing the Saatchi & Saatchi “I Love New York” logo guide

The beauty that is Buenos Aires (At least someone is having a good time)

I ?, You ?, We all ? NY

Update: OK, all the snarky criticism is getting a bit overdone.  The $17 million included much more than just a logo redesign.  Unfortunately, for many people, that is the only thing they see or remember.  Remember, we have one of the most pathetically funded tourism programs in the nation and the world.  This is ridicuous when we have the #1 tourism destination – NYC.  For all the armchair experts, I’d challenge them to do a traditional advertising and promotion program with that pissant amount of money.  On the other hand….you can throw $$’s into traditional marketing with very little to show for it.

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