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USA Today Issues Winter Challenge

March 9th, 2007 · No Comments · News

USA Today has joined the movement to go social. That story is being thoroughly examined. I can’t add much to it except to say I like Kayak too for travel purchases and I refuse to register for another site.

With our clocks changing this weekend, they’ve highlighted two stories to help their gentle readers:

Time change could catch businesses snoozing

10 great places to enjoy that extra hour in the sun

The first story is all about how a “Baby Y2K” may occur because many computers have not been updated for the amended time change:

It doesn’t boast the doomsday drama of the Y2K computer bug, but a looming new software snafu could become a nuisance for consumers and costly for some businesses.

The second story gives some suggestions with what to do with the extra daylight we are about to enjoy:

As we head into daylight-saving time this weekend, make the most of the extra hour of light by heading outdoors to explore these glorious parks.

Thanks for the pick, but please do you homework before you publish.

One of their suggestions is this:

Adirondack Park – New York

“A ‘forever wild’ clause in the state Constitution protects nearly half of this 6-million-acre park in the Adirondack Mountains,” Manuel says. There is no gatehouse or entry fee because 54% of the park is on private land. Having towns throughout the park is a plus for combining wilderness adventure with the comfort of restaurants and hotels. Drive up the Memorial Highway to the summit of White Face Mountain for spectacular views of the High Peaks region near Lake Placid. 518-327-3000;

It really is easy to copy and paste some stuff to create an “article” these days. You might be able to ski up the road and the extra hour of light may actually help, but Athan Manuel of the Sierra Club won’t be there to help you get your car out of the snowdrifts. The Whiteface Memorial Toll Road is NOT open to vehicles during winter. Depending on conditions, the road opens for vehicular traffic around Memorial Weekend. Also, contact ORDA for information regarding the road, NOT the Adirondack Park Visitor Interpretive Centers. Personally, I think unicycle is the way to go.

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Plattsburgh Press Republican Joins the Blogosphere

February 21st, 2007 · No Comments · News

A big surprise this morning – my fair city’s own newspaper, Plattsburgh’s Press Republican has launched another blog. Another blog? Yup, as previously mentioned, they’ve already gone 2.0, in an almost invisible way. Now their newsroom gets to join the fun.

First published in 1811, the Press Republican remains one of less than a handful of “old media” left in the North Country. In a way, their experience reflects the impact of the new internet and the struggle to adapt. They should take a lesson from the Grey Lady. Adapt or die. A recent Q/A with Arthur Sulzberger revealed this gem:

“I really don’t know whether we’ll be printing the Times in five years, and you know what? I don’t care either,”

Not so inspiring if you’ve gotten stock options as compensation. The battle for survival among the “old media” is already leaving a trail of destruction. Witness some of the recent layoffs and “downsizing”. Managing the transition from print (analog) to internet (interactive) is already hard enough without dogged citizen journalists nipping at your heels. I’m pleased to say that this simple addition to the Press’s repetoire might be the key to their survival. But just like any infant, the early days will make all the difference. It will take more than just the will to live, but also the nurturing and discipline of strong parents.

Kudos to Lois Clemont, the Press Republican’s News Editor, for addressing in their first post the most pressing issue of journalism today – objectivity. I don’t expect any human being to be 100% objective, I’d rather know where they are coming from. If I know the person, I can better understand their perspective and appreciate their take on current events. In many ways, this has been the critical element behind the demise of traditional journalism. There is no greater loss for a reporter than the loss of credibility.

Staff writers Stephan Bartlett and Kim Smith Dedam follow up with more personal observations. What better way to get to know the messenger? Good Luck to the staff and reporters of the Press Republican with their new venture! Watch out Foxy.

On the Beaten Path – A forum for lively discussion about interesting newspaper topics and a look at the behind-the-scenes workings of the Press-Republican newsroom.

Other local blogs:

Anti-Press Ezine
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Breaking News – Local Paper Joins Web 2.0

March 28th, 2006 · No Comments · News

Web 2.0 Meme MapA local subversive (I mean that in a positive way) at the Anti-press Ezine noted the local paper has entered the Web 2.0 era and introduced a Blog in its product offerings. I have to admit, I’ve subscribed to Foxy’s feed. He is after all, “one of the North Country’s best-known pundits, raconteurs and general characters.” Gee, who’d have known?

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