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Entries from February 28th, 2007

Bear Burgers and Venison Steaks

February 28th, 2007 · No Comments · News

The latest Big Game figures from the 2006-7 season have just been released by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. While I haven’t yet eaten any local bear, the venison steaks earlier this week weren’t bad (it’s an aquired taste).

Check out the detailed reports for some more interesting statistical data. I like the euphemisms “harvest” and “taken”. Also, 29 bear taken in Clinton County – 15 in the towns of Plattsburgh, Peru, and Saranac. Wow!

The Scoreboard

Bear – Total State Harvest 796
Adirondacks – 318
Alleghany – 113
Catskills – 365

Deer – Total State Harvest 189,108
Chronic Wasting Disease – 0

Hunting Accidents – 2006 4th safest on record
Two-party incidents – 19
Self-inflicted – 16

2006 New York State Bear Take by Town and County – PDF
2006 – 2007 New York State Deer Harvest – PDF

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North Country deer hunt up, bear hunt down – (Audio report)

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Talking to the Postman – USPS goes 2.0

February 26th, 2007 · No Comments · News

Matt, the father of all WordPress, points out this neat find: Deliver – official blog of the United State Postal Service.

More than ever, the revolutionary new internet is quickly replacing vestigal medias and creating new forms of interaction. The injection of the of one of the world’s largest and most efficient information movers into the blogospere is big news. I think this is really worth paying attention to. Please compare: the dollars spent on delivering information via the “snail” system and the initial and operating cost of delivering information the new way.

Check out their poll question – What has your company done to use social networking sites for marketing opportunities? (We’re still thinking about it…)

Now the big question: What is the future role of the United States Postal Service in the new digital age?

That is the very question addressed in the article, “The Digital Revolution”.

The fundamental rules of marketing may not have changed: find a way to influence people’s opinions about your product or service. But the way marketers are doing this, such as reaching out to key influencers of online communities, is changing the way marketers think and operate.

“Using huge sums of cash to try to change a stranger into a customer is no longer economically viable,” says Seth Godin, author of All Marketers Are Liars. “You have to hand the megaphone to the people who agree with you.”

They are talking about Seth and Squidoo Lenses. Whoa.

The marketer and hidden dictator in me already envisions each US citizen issued with an official USA email address and Inbox. This would serve as the platform for meta-democracy. Or we could Digg issues. Uh, maybe not. Anyway, this is a very cool development and I think as a marketer it bodes well for the future.


Plattsburgh Press Republican Joins the Blogosphere

February 21st, 2007 · No Comments · News

A big surprise this morning – my fair city’s own newspaper, Plattsburgh’s Press Republican has launched another blog. Another blog? Yup, as previously mentioned, they’ve already gone 2.0, in an almost invisible way. Now their newsroom gets to join the fun.

First published in 1811, the Press Republican remains one of less than a handful of “old media” left in the North Country. In a way, their experience reflects the impact of the new internet and the struggle to adapt. They should take a lesson from the Grey Lady. Adapt or die. A recent Q/A with Arthur Sulzberger revealed this gem:

“I really don’t know whether we’ll be printing the Times in five years, and you know what? I don’t care either,”

Not so inspiring if you’ve gotten stock options as compensation. The battle for survival among the “old media” is already leaving a trail of destruction. Witness some of the recent layoffs and “downsizing”. Managing the transition from print (analog) to internet (interactive) is already hard enough without dogged citizen journalists nipping at your heels. I’m pleased to say that this simple addition to the Press’s repetoire might be the key to their survival. But just like any infant, the early days will make all the difference. It will take more than just the will to live, but also the nurturing and discipline of strong parents.

Kudos to Lois Clemont, the Press Republican’s News Editor, for addressing in their first post the most pressing issue of journalism today – objectivity. I don’t expect any human being to be 100% objective, I’d rather know where they are coming from. If I know the person, I can better understand their perspective and appreciate their take on current events. In many ways, this has been the critical element behind the demise of traditional journalism. There is no greater loss for a reporter than the loss of credibility.

Staff writers Stephan Bartlett and Kim Smith Dedam follow up with more personal observations. What better way to get to know the messenger? Good Luck to the staff and reporters of the Press Republican with their new venture! Watch out Foxy.

On the Beaten Path – A forum for lively discussion about interesting newspaper topics and a look at the behind-the-scenes workings of the Press-Republican newsroom.

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